Jernej Bortolato

was born in 1974. He lives in the village of Pliskovica in the Karst region and is a self-taught stonecutter. In eleven years of stonecutting he came a long way from being an amateur to becoming a professional stonecutter. As an amateur stonecutter of Karst stone he produced “simple” replicas but now he makes exceptional products with artistic value.

He is working with many renowned Slovene designers especially with Andraž Debeljak. Together they accomplished great results as their products were used as business gifts by the most important Slovene companies and as State protocol gifts.

He produces miniaturised replicas of Karst wells called “štirna”, pestles and mortars, bowls, paperweights and other products from the natural Karst stone Lipica and from other types of Karst stone.

He exhibited at many important exhibits in Slovenia and abroad.




Jernej Bortolato s.p.

Pliskovica 18, 6221 Dutovlje, Slovenija

tel.: +386 5 764 22 62

GSM: +386 41 524 069

e-mail: info@bortolato.si

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